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Ph.D. Award Contests and Fellowships

Several international organizations and top companies in the “Computers and IT” (CIT) and “System Engineering and Automatic Control” (SE) domains offer scholarships and fellowships of (non-degree) doctoral student research on a yearly basis:

The Fulbright Ph.D. Student Award to the United States 2018-2019

The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission organizes Fulbright Student Award competition for Ph.D. research in the United States. Applicants can be Romanian Ph.D. students from University Politehnica of Bucharest.

The Fulbright Student Award provides: international travel, tuition and university fees within established budget limits, books and supplies allowance, accident/sickness insurance and a living stipend for one academic year. The applicants will be selected through open, merit-based competition to participate in one academic year of doctoral student research (non-degree).


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have Romanian citizenship; green card holders and persons with dual (Romanian and U.S.) citizenship are ineligible;
  • Hold at least a BA degree, with good academic standing;
  • Have English proficiency.

Applicants are also expected to:

  • Be representative and responsible citizens, with a demonstrable potential to contribute to the mutual understanding of culture and values in Romania and the U.S.;
  • Share the acquired professional experience or disseminate results of the research upon return, contributing to their specific area of knowledge;
  • Show motivation and flexibility necessary to adapt effectively to life in the United States.

The preference for candidates without extensive previous experience in the U.S. applies at each stage of competition. Candidates studying or researching in the U.S. at the time of application are ineligible for a Fulbright grant.

The application package consists of:

  • The online application
  • Three letters of recommendation from university professors and/or other acknowledged Romanian or foreign professionals, submitted directly in the online application or mailed as official paper copies by the deadline of the competition
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas for all graduate levels, accompanied by translations, scanned and uploaded to the online application by the deadline; official paper transcripts should be sent at a later date, only by those who are selected for interview.

TOEFL/GRE/GMAT test scores are mandatory only for the applicants who pass the Fulbright interview phase in September.

The duration of Ph.D. student Fulbright grants is one academic year beginning in August or September. Candidates appointed to certain types of Fulbright grants may be required to arrive during the summer for an introductory course or intensive English program prior to the academic year.

The assessment procedures:

Selection Steps:

  • Applications are pre-screened;
  • The assessment of study/research projects is performed by Fulbright alumni and leading Romanian and U.S. scholars in the respective fields of knowledge;
  • The applicants recommended by reviewers will be invited to an interview carried out by a bi-national panel, in the first half of September;
  • The nominated finalists are subject to final approval by the Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB)

The Assessment Phase:

Each submitted application will be reviewed by one American and one Romanian specialist in the specific field of study addressed by the proposal. This is an evaluation of the professional level of the applicant’s proposal, based on a series of criteria such as: clarity of ideas, academic credentials, feasibility and consistency of the proposal, evidence that residence in the U.S. is necessary for the applicant, commitment to Fulbright values etc.

The Interview Phase:

The applicants who passed the assessment phase will be invited to the interview and evaluated by a nomination committee composed of specialists in various fields of knowledge. The committee evaluates candidates according to motivation and adaptability, impact and benefit for home country, in addition to the criteria used for the screening process. The candidates’ presence at the interview is an absolute requirement of the program.

Nominating finalists

After the ranking following the interview, the list of the Romanian nominees and their proposals will be forwarded to Washington DC to be approved by the International Fulbright Scholar Board of Directors.

Admission and Affiliation to U.S. Universities

The Institute of International Education in New York (IIE) will team up with the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission in order to carry out the Romanian finalists’ admission and affiliation process to accredited U.S. universities.

The duration of the entire selection process is approximately 12 months; as a result, the Fulbright Student Award competition is advertised a year before the grant starts. Affiliation of the Fulbright Student Award finalists will be concluded in May-July. Exchanges will begin in August – September, the year following the application.

Researchers (Ph.D. students) applying for a Fulbright Student Award are strongly encouraged to read the information HERE or HERE.


All the candidates selected for a Fulbright grant are required to submit a Medical History and Examination Report if and when demanded.

The letters of reference will not be considered if they are submitted//postmarked after the deadline of the competition. Only complete online applications will be accepted.

The IBM Two-Year Worldwide PhD Fellowship for the academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020

IBM announced the 2018 IBM Two-Year Worldwide PhD Fellowship for the academic years of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. The PhD Fellowship Program advances IBM’s collaboration with universities by recognizing and supporting exceptional PhD students who want to make their mark in promising and disruptive technologies. In 2018, the Fellowship Program is focusing on: AI, blockchain, security, and quantum computing. IBM is well positioned to advance these technologies and exploit their ability to transform industries and societies.

Since the creation of the IBM PhD Fellowship Program in 1951, IBM has supported thousands of Ph.D Fellowship students – with more than 700 students supported over the past 10 years alone.

Important changes were made to the program. The 2018 IBM PhD Fellowship includes:

  • In the US, fellowship recipients while in school will receive a stipend for living expenses, travel and to attend conferences ($35,000 for 2018-2019 and $35,000 for 2019-2020). US fellowship recipients will also receive $25,000 toward their education in 2018-2019.
  • Outside the US, fellowship recipients while in school will receive a competitive stipend for living expenses, travel and to attend conferences for the two academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Fellowship stipends vary by country.

Students must be approximately two years from receiving their PhD degree.

All IBM PhD Fellows are matched with an IBM Mentor according to their technical interests, and are encouraged to participate in an internship at least once while completing their studies. Students receiving a comparable fellowship from another company or institution during the same academic period are not eligible for an IBM PhD Fellowship. Students in Europe and Russia may accept government scholarships and remain eligible for the IBM PhD Fellowship.

IBM has received many outstanding and exceptional candidates from universities all over the world in the past; universities are encouraged to submit nominations until October 26, 2017. For more details go to

For further information, see your University Relations IBM Romania contact, visit the website above, or contact