Doctorate ACS

SD_AC own bylaws

The own Bylaw of the Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC) complies with the Academic Chart and Bylaw concerning the organization and carrying out doctorate study programs in the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), acknowledging all major conditions stipulated by these documents, adapting some of them to the context of scientific work in the faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (A&C) within UPB, and adding own specific items to the framework created by these two documents.

The own SD_AC Bylaw has been conceived by the SD_AC Council and validated by the universal, direct, secret si equal vote of the majority of the SD_AC members in the meeting of the Doctoral school held in July 3, 2012. The SD_AC Bylaw has been then approved by the Council of Academic Doctorate Studies (CSUD) and the Senate of the UPB, according to Article 10 (2) of the university’s Bylaw concerning the organization of Doctoral schools in UPB.

The own SD_AC Bylaw includes the following major sections:

  • Chapter I. General guidelines: Legal frame, directives; General principles
  • Chapter II. SD_AC organization: Membership, Management structure
  • Chapter III. SD_AC assignments: Admission in the doctorate study programs; Organising the learning program based on advanced academic studies; Coordinating the individual Ph.D. research program; Coordinating and finalising the doctorate study programs.
  • Chapter IV. SD_AC budgets and management: Entries and outflows
  • Chapter V. Final specifications

The SD_AC Council sets up own bylaws and methodologies concerning the organization and effecting the doctorate academic studies in the ”System Engineering” (SE) and ”Computers and IT” (CIT) domains, which are adopted by the SD_AC members.

The Methodology for the admission of foreign Ph.D. students from non-UE countries in the SE and CIT doctorate programs has been created and adopted in September 2012.