Doctorate ACS

Scientific production in 2019

The scientific production realized in 2019 by the Ph.D. students individually or together with their scientific coordinators in the doctorate domains System Engineering and Computers and Information Technology is grouped in the following categories:

  • Scientific articles published in journals and in proceedings volumes of conferences; there are reported ISI Web if Science indexed articles, distinctively from articles indexed in other data bases and digital libraries recognized ww (Scopus, DPLB, INSPEC, IEEE Xplore, Science Direct, Elsevier, Springerlink, ACM, and EURASIP).
  • Monographs and books as authors or editors, and book chapters published in international and national publishing houses, with ISBN.
  • Research grants and contracts worked out by teams of scientific coordinators and their Ph.D. students.
  • Documentations for patent requests and patents obtained during the research activity in the SE and CIT doctorate domains.

The scientific production performed during the last expired year in these four categories is reported respectively in the submenus “Scientific articles”, ”Monographs and book chapters”, “Research grants and contracts” and “Patents”.

The submenu ”Archive of scientific production” lists the scientific results obtained in the years before the last expired one by teams of authors composed from scientific coordinators and their Ph.D. students.