Doctorate ACS

Membership and Organisation

The general organizing and working framework of the Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC) within the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) is established by: the National Education Law no. 1/2011 with its subsequent modifications and add-ons, the Government’s Decision no. 681/2011 concerning the Code of Doctoral university studies modified and extended by the Government’s Decision no. 134/2016, the Bylaw of 2011 concerning the organisation and carrying out doctoral study programs in UPB, the Bylaw of 2012 concerning the organization of Doctoral schools in UPB, and the SD_AC’s own Bylaw of July 2012.

SD_AC organizes doctoral programs in two domains: System Engineering (SE) and Computers and Information Technology (CIT).
SD_AC is organized and perform doctoral activities with Ph.D. coordinators from the departments of the faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (A&C) within UPB: (1) Computer Science and Engineering (Computers), (2) Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics (AII), and (3) Automatic Control and System Engineering (AIS), who are legally habilitated. Other scientists working in universities and research institutions abroad, being habilitated in SE, CIT or scientific domains close to these may affiliate themselves to SD_AC with the approval of UPB’s Senate.

The Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers has at present 37 Ph.D. coordinators, who perform doctoral study programs in the R&D laboratories of the A&C faculty.

SD_AC has a Council which manages all doctoral activities. The SD_AC Council is led by a director. The Doctoral school SD_AC is assimilated with a Higher Education Department, the SD Council being consequently assimilated with the SD_AC Council Department and its director with the Department director. The SD_AC Council has 11 members, from which 7 are principal members representing the Ph.D. coordinators from the three A&C departments of the A&C faculty and the doctoral students, and 4 are well-knows scientific personalities from outside UPB.