Doctorate ACS

Courses and Workshops

The Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers announces courses and training workshops that will be organized in the next period on topics related to Information and Communication Technologies, development tools and architectures of ICT and automatic control systems; the knowledge acquired can be then used by the Ph.D. students to work out their doctorate theses. The following courses will be organized in 2018:

IBM Bluemix cloud deployment for skills and research in Applied Computational Intelligence

Perioada June 11-15, 2018, 5-day course, 6 hours/day in the IBM Cloud Bluemix technology. The workshop will be held at the IBM office in Cluj-Napoca. Inscriptions can be made until Friday 11.05.2018 by e-mail sent to the manager of the IBM Linux Centre, Associate Professor Dr. Florin Anton

Agenda of the course:

  • Day 1
    1. Introduction to cloud computing – service models, major features
      • Cloud Deployment Models
      • Architecture
      • Major features of Bluemix: Cloud Foundry, Bluemix VMs, Containers
      • Compute Abstractions
      • Bluemix Services; (Micro) Services
      • Demonstrations
    2. Working with Bluemix
      • Hosting and compute options
      • Deployment environments
      • Runtimes, services, boilerplates
      • First deployments and developer tasks
      • Using DevOps Services
      • Maximizing Bluemix
  • Day 2
    • IBM SPSS Modeler
    • Introduction to Data Mining
    • CRISP-DM Methodology
    • Import and Explore available data
    • Unsupervised modeling
    • Supervised/Predictive modeling
    • Model evaluation and decision making
    • Explore deployment options
    • End to End Use case
  • Day 3IBM Statistics
    1. Introduction to Statistical Analysis
      • Populations and Samples
      • Independent and Dependent Variables
    2. Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics
      • Opening a data file
      • SPSS Statistics workspace and menus
      • Type of measures in SPSS Statistics: Scale, Ordinal, Nominal
      • Exploring data and data visualization
    3. Descriptive Statistics
      • Measure of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode
      • Measures of Dispersion: Max, Min, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation
      • The Normal Distribution
      • Data Distributions for Categorical Variables
      • Data Distributions for Scale Variables
    4. Making Inferences about Populations from Samples
      • Sample size
      • Hypothesis Testing
      • Crosstabs and Chi Square test
      • Independent Samples T-test
      • Paired Samples T-test
      • One-way ANOVA
    5. Bivariate Plots and Correlations for Scale Variables
      • Scatterplot
      • Pearson Correlation Coefficient
    6. Examples:
      • Simple Regression; Multiple Regressions
      • Non-Parametric Tests
  • Day 4Watson Developer Cloud
    1. Overview – Watson Developer Cloud Services
      • Provision Service Instances
      • Manage Service Instances
      • Connect Service Instances to Existing Applications
    2. Deep Dive – Watson Developer Cloud Services
      • Watson Conversation Service (WCS): Workspaces; Entities, Intents, Dialog Nodes; Dialog Orchestration; Conversation Context
      • Watson Discovery Service (WDS): Collections; Configurations; Standard Queries vs. Natural Language Queries; Training; Custom Models
      • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Categories; Concepts; Emotions; Entities; Keywords; Metadata; Relations; Semantic Roles; Sentiment; Custom Models
  • Day 5Watson Developer Cloud REST APIs and SDKs

Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School TMLSS

The first edition of the Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School (TMLSS) will take place in the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, from 16th to 22nd of July 2018. The focus of this edition will be Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. The summer school includes both lectures and practical sessions (labs) to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of these topics.

Details about inscription and the agenda of the summer school TMLSS can be obtained from the website of the summer school: