Doctorate ACS

Scientific events, competitions and support programs for Ph.D. studies

Two types of activities and programs that support the university doctorate studies in the Ph.D. domains System Engineering (SE) and Computers and Information Technology (CIT) are supervised by the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC):

  • The first ones allow Ph.D. students to present the results of their research while working out their theses, to publish them in journals and conference proceedings indexed in international databases, and to become visible in the national and international scientific research communities;
  • The second ones sustain the acquisition of knowledge and skills formation by the students in the two doctorate domains, and facilitate the access to advanced information and control technologies which can be further used for developments in the theses; specific actions provide Ph.D. stipends for excellence research as financial support during the preparation of the doctoral theses.

Thus, SD_AC organizes directly or in partnership with other doctoral schools scientific events including actual topics reflecting the themes currently proposed for the theses in the SE and CIT doctorate domains. Also, the Ph.D. students are stimulated to participate in international workshops, conferences and symposia, some of them organized by the doctoral school’s members, in order to present the results of their own research and disseminate them through publications indexed in recognized international databases.

SD_AC organizes periodically courses and training workshops, some of them with support from firms which are renowned in the Computers, Information Technology, Automation and Applied Informatics domains. These courses introduce new technologies and tools for the development of software and control systems which can be used by the students to implement the models, solutions and system architectures created for the Ph.D. theses.

SD_AC offers the institutional frame for granting doctorate stipends in the University Politehnica of Bucharest to the largest possible number of Ph.D. students having obtained good results in the SE and CIT domains. There is also provided assistance for the participation of to the best Ph.D. students and graduates in doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships based on worldwide competition, granted by international public and private organizations and renowned companies.