Doctorate ACS

Scientific coordinators in SD_AC

Top research in the domains ”System Engineering” (SE) and ”Computers and Information Technology” (CIT) is performed in the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC) within the University Politehnica of Bucharest. The subjects for doctoral research proposed and supervised by the scientific coordinators are actual, similar to those approached in the world’s top universities and open perspectives for knowledge and innovation in new information technologies, high performance data and information processing and intelligent control that prefigure the economy of the future through: cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, process control systems with distributed intelligence, cognitive computing, cloud services and systems, edge- and fog computing, Digital twins, Service Oriented Architectures, Big data analytics, High Performance Computing, optimization of task scheduling and allocation of resources and services, engineering applications of Artificial Intelligence, information systems for services, cognitive robotics and holonic systems.

The areas of interest in research and the scientific offers for Ph.D. candidates are presented for each member of the SD_AC – scientific coordinator in one of the doctorate domains SE and CIT.

The scientific results obtained until now in these domains by the Doctoral school’s members certify research of excellence to which actual and future Ph.D. students are invited to participate with new ideas, initiatives and personal contributions.