Doctorate ACS

Theses defended publicly in 2017

In 2017 there have been defended publicly 14 Ph.D. theses by Romanian students and 3 theses by foreign students. From the 17 finalized theses, 2 are in the SE domain and 15 in the CIT domain.

Ph.D. theses in the System Engineering domain finalized and defended in 2017:

  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Cristian Oară
    • Ph. D. Student: George Cristian Flutur
      Thesis Title: Factorisation techniques for generalised control systems
      Date of public defence: 24.10.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Aurelian Mihai Stănescu
    • Ph. D. Student: Dragoş-George Repta
      Thesis Title: Conceptual design of an intelligent workflow management system for a generic enterprise
      Date of public defence: 06.07.2017

Ph.D. theses in the Computers and Information Technology domain finalized and defended in 2017:

  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Valentin Cristea
    • Ph. D. Student: Nicolae-Sorin Ciolofan
      Thesis Title: Methods and tools for efficient decision-making in water pollution control systems
      Date of public defence: 23.06.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Florica Moldoveanu
    • Ph. D. Student: Cristian Constantin Tasliţchi
      Thesis Title: Dynamic management of distributed cases
      Date of public defence: 27.10.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Dragos Niculescu
    • Ph. D. Student: Alexandru Agache
      Thesis Title: Improving the utilization and application performance in data center networks
      Date of public defence: 15.05.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Mircea Petrescu
    • Ph. D. Student: Mohamed Asel Al-Shaher
      Thesis Title: Information-sharing success at the local level: Extending the Delone and McLean information system model
      Date of public defence: 16.10.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Daniela Anca Sârbu
      Thesis Title: Unwrapping telemedicine intelligence. An analytic platform for telemedicine service usage
      Date of public defence: 16.06.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Ştefan Trăuşan-Matu
    • Ph. D. Student: Ionuţ Cristian Paraschiv
      Thesis Title: Semantic meta-annotation and comprehension modeling
      Date of public defence: 28.11.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Marius Gabriel Guţu
      Thesis Title: Discourse analysis based on semantic modeling and textual complexity
      Date of public defence: 28.11.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Liviu Sebastian Matei
      Thesis Title: Time series model representation of text documents for semantic search
      Date of public defence: 30.10.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Alina Eugenia Lascu
      Thesis Title: Critical mass in swarm systems
      Date of public defence: 13.03.2017
  • Scientific coordinator: Prof.Dr.Eng. Nicolae Ţăpuş
    • Ph. D. Student: Sergiu Costea
      Thesis Title: New cryptographic protocols for data confidentiality
      Date of public defence: 28.04.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Mohamad Abdullah Omar Abdulwahabe
      Thesis Title: Contributions in wireless communication and applications
      Date of public defence: 5.01.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Mihai Carabaş
      Thesis Title: Improving and extending virtualization in modern computing environments
      Date of public defence: 5.01.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Rasha Talal Hameed Al-Jewari
      Thesis Title: Contributions on the development of health applications based on mobile and wireless devices
      Date of public defence: 16.02.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Cristina Loredana Duţă
      Thesis Title: Framework for the analysis and improvement of cryptographic algorithms
      Date of public defence: 14.12.2017
    • Ph. D. Student: Lucian Mogoşanu
      Thesis Title: Verification and enforcement of security in system software
      Date of public defence: 14.12.2017

The theses defended in 2017 have been validated by the CNATDCU specialty commission granting doctor titles at national level in the SE and CIT domains; hence the percentage of obtaining the doctor title after public defence is 100%. For both SE and CIT domains all Ph.D. titles were validated by the CNATDCU commission without any delay or request to extend the theses.
The titles of doctor have been validated in 2017 through Decision of the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research (OMENCŞ) as follows:

OMENCŞ Ph.D. students who have been granted the doctor title, and the domain
No. Date of release
3679 20.04.2017 Al-Jewari T. Rasha (CIT), Allaymoun Hamad Mohammad (CIT), Balint Mihaela Cristina (CIT), Carabas Mihai (CIT), Cioaca Teodor-Petre (SE), Denisleam Molomer (Sibel) (CIT), Enache Adriana Cristina (SE), Mohamad Omar (CIT), Parpala Daniela (Sarbu) (Automatic Control)
5298 5.10.2017 Agache Alexandru (CIT), Ciolofan Nicolae-Sorin (CIT)
5701 27.12.2017 Al-Shaher Adel Mohamed (CIT), Costea Sergiu Mihai (CIT), Flutur George(SE), Lascu Alina Eugenia (CIT), Matei Liviu-Sebastian (CIT), Repta Dragos-George (SE), Sarbu Daniela-Anca (CIT)